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OET Course

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Education and Certification

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Office Management and Effective Administration Skills covers a wide range of interrelated topics critical to the effectiveness of office personnel and administrative staff in meeting their roles and maximising their contribution to their teams and organisations.

Unlock your potential as a writer with a Certificate IV in Professional Writing and Editing at Victoria University Polytechnic. This course will provide you with theoretical and practical skills in a range of writing, editing and content production tasks. For beginner courses, you should join class to start from beginning.

For intermediate or advanced classes, you can join existent classes at various times if you want to start as soon as possible. Enrolling in Melbourne Polytechnic’s Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing will sharpen your skills in professional writing, editing, design for print or web-based publishing.

You will develop these skills within a course designed for emerging writers and editors. Our courses, which are being offered through our University System of Georgia and Technical College System of Georgia partners, will provide students with extensive hands-on experience.

London Film Academy - Practical Film School in London - Browse our selection of professional, full and part-time filmmaking courses and gain the skills to start your career in film.

Professional writing and editing courses sydney
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