Professional learning communities dissertations

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SIKS Dissertations

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An investigation of professional learning communities in North Carolina school systems

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ii the university of san francisco dissertation abstract professional learning communities in elementary schools and how technologies are utilized.

Explore BadgerLink resources below. For a more specific list, use the filters. The independent variables were enrollment in small learning communities, common planning time, professional development and professional learning community.

Auxiliary analysis included school demographics of student achievement, as measured by the Reading Ohio Graduation Test, student attendance, student discipline rates, student socioeconomic. Professional learning communities are in essence about the culture of the organization and/or group.

While both social systems have proven to be beneficial, the question arises as to the role either or both can play in graduate school.

Education Dissertations Education and Educational Psychology Spring PROFESSIONAL LEARNING COMMUNITIES: AN EXAMINATION OF TEACHERS’ PERSPECTIVES ON PROFESSIONAL CONVERSATIONS AND STUDENT LEARNING Elizabeth J. Spencer-Johnson Western Connecticut State University, [email protected] Author's abstract: This study was conducted to provide information concerning the attributes of professional learning communities, i.e.

supportive leadership, shared values and vision, collective learning and application, supportive conditions-relational, supportive conditions-structural, and shared personal practice and their correlation with teacher efficacy, satisfaction, and morale.

Professional learning communities dissertations
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