Music demos and songwriter services

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Free sheet music resource for new musicians and enthusiasts!

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1994 in music

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Live Music

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Songwriter Demos

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Live Music

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Pioneering The Online Based Music Production Company

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PITCH NIGHT WITH JOANNE LEDESMA! Joanne now has one of the largest music libraries around, and is always looking for new music! We do these a couple times a year, & every time.

Music Composer. London music production company offering a professional music production service with a varied range of genres styles and online demos. Sharon Sheeley is often referred to in pop music history as Eddie Cochran's girl friend, and that's it.

In fact she has been a highly successful songwriter who currently has active songs on the BMI register. How to submit songs to McClure & Trowbridge Publishing, Nashville TN. Complete this form to obtain your Control Number for submitting.

Do not email links or sound files. Friday, June 22, p.m. on the Acoustic Stage. In two decades on the road Jeffrey Foucault has become one of the most distinctive voices in American music, refining a sound instantly recognizable for its simplicity and emotional power, a decidedly Midwestern amalgam of.

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Music demos and songwriter services
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