Motivated sequence persuasive speech on organ donation

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If you find the most has stirred unresolved issues for you, please remember assistance. · In order to accomplish Speaking Assignment #4, you must understand the Monroe Motivated Sequence, which is a five-step pattern for organizing a persuasive speech.

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For more than a. Persuasive Speech - Organ Donation. STUDY. PLAY. Attention Getter. An average of 21 people died yesterday, because they needed an organ donor.

Are you a registered organ donor? Tie to Audience. Someone close to you may be on the organ donor list or could potentially be on the organ donor list. WEY MANY TWINS It seems that there may be 'something in the water' in Godalming, or at least that's what many mums in the area are saying.

"I'm told Godalming has the highest population of twins in Surrey," said Melanie Wiseman of the twins and multiples club based at the Wharf Children's Centre.

Monroe's Motivated Sequence is a persuasive structure to help you organize a speech that ends in a specific action you want the audience to take. Following Monroe's Motivated Persuasive Speech Outline Topic: Organ Donation General Purpose: To persuade Specific Purpose: After listening to my speech my audience.

will consider donating their organs and tissues after death and to act upon their decision to donate.5/5(1).

Motivated sequence persuasive speech on organ donation
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Persuasive Speech On Organ Donation