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Momaday s the photograph. Momaday quotes James Mooney, who recounts that once the buffalo disappeared, the Kiowa tried a Sun Dance with a horse. The same can be said of the portraits of Red Cloud, Chief Joseph, and Bear’s Belly — in his bear robe — there is an amalgam of man and wilderness, an equation that is a definition of the American Indian in relation to nature.

And yet, in all of these photographs there is a privacy so profound as to be inviolable. Momaday’s slow and descriptive building of background information aids in his eventual discussion of the old Navajo woman and her disgusted reaction upon first seeing her own photograph.

Momaday’s writing style can be used when transcribing other memories as it is universally beneficial. “Dr. Momaday's presence on campus and in our community was greeted with such deep appreciation and interest it was stunning.

Every single seat in our lecture hall was filled; students opted to sit on the floor just to listen to his voice. N. Scott Momaday reflects his Native American heritage in his writing. Tsoai-talee is his name in the Kiowa tribe. Tsen-Tainte, known in English as White Horse, was a noted leader and warrior with.

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