Mobile ticketing service application in public

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Mobile Ticketing for Transport

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Mobile ticketing service application in public trasportation

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Mobile ticketing service application in public transportation Introduction Mobile commerce is a subset of e-commerce, which enables people use wireless devices to access to e-commerce system and conduct business transaction. Global Mobile Ticketing Market Analysis and Forecast by Application, – In terms of value, the travel tickets segment is projected to be the most attractive segment by application in the global mobile ticketing market during the forecast period.

Mobile ticketing service application in public trasportation Introduction Mobile commerce is a subset of e-commerce, which enables people use wireless devices to access to e-commerce system and conduct business transaction.

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority rolled out a mobile ticketing service for commuter rail riders in Both ticketing systems were developed by Masabi, another mobile ticketing software company.

But mobile ticketing isn’t just a convenience for riders. Mobile ticketing involves turning your mobile phone into both ticket machine and ticket. This removes the need for passengers to carry cash or wait in line to buy a ticket, while mobile account-based ticketing eliminates the need to buy a ticket entirely.

“Mobile ticketing offers customers the convenience and simplicity that makes it easier than ever to use public transit.” In the first phase of the pilot, MBTA commuter rail riders riding on the Lowell, Fitchburg, Haverhill, and Newbury/Rockport lines can purchase and .

Mobile ticketing service application in public
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