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At ITSS, we have the ability to stitch together pieces of North America’s highest performing networks to ensure high bandwidth availability, low redundancy and minimal interruptions so your business keeps running smoothly. Our suite of WAN (Wide Area Network) connectivity solutions include Fiber Internet, DSL and COAX based services.

I.T. Software Solutions, Inc founded inITSS is an emerging leader in IT Services marketplace. ITSS draws its expertise from strategic partnerships with technology leaders like Verizon, Dell and Office depot and combines that with the deep understanding of its employees.

Internet Technical Support System. Internet Technical Support System (iTSS) is a service provided to Esri end users in Hong Kong and Macao who have subscribed our annual maintenance program for them to enjoy our technical support anywhere.

vanier employee directory. For corrections to the Vanier Employee Directory on our website, please use this email: [email protected] telephone/voicemail operation. For questions about the operation of your phone or voicemail, please check the following PDF.

Support: Hosting - 24x7 availability - SLAs proposal - Hw support management - Problem Solving analysis - Ticketing Tools - ITIL Best Practice - Specialized in OSS/BSS.

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